34 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Ziploc Bags

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Ziploc bags are incredibly useful! I’m sure you already have a number of them in a variety of sizes in your home. While they are best known for food storage you can use them for so much more! Check out my list of 34 other ways you can use them!


  1. Waterproof bag when you are traveling.
  2. Carsick bag.
  3. Diaper disposal
  4. Wrangle wet swimsuits at the pool/ beach.
  5. Toiletry bag.
  6. Organization tool for purse
  7. Pet park clean up.
  8. Craft storage and organization.
  9. Puzzle storage.
  10. Small toy storage.
  11. Portion out snacks.
  12. Cold packs for school lunches. Take a sponge, soak in water, place in the baggie, store in the freezer. The best part is that as it melts, the water soaks back into the sponge. PLus if the bag somehow pops its just water, not some mysterious freezer liquid.
  13. Marinate meat.
  14. Pie crust. (Crush Graham crackers in the baggie to save on the mess).
  15. Clean shower heads (add vinegar to descale).
  16. Make/store/carry activity kits for restaurants, long car rides, waiting rooms, etc.
  17. Store emergency kit items in school backpacks.
  18. Pipe frosting onto cup/cakes.
  19. Waterproof electronics at the pool/river/lake/beach.
  20. Phone holder on the airplane. (Tuck the top of the baggie in the back of the tray table and voila!).
  21. Used cooking oil disposal.
  22. Start a fire in an Emergency situation. Fill the bag with water and use it to focus sunlight.
  23. Collect water.
  24. Emergency wound care. Keep a cut dry and clean, plus keep the pressure going by tying a layer of plastic bag around whatever you’re using to staunch the bleeding wound.
  25. Use as gloves in a pinch.
  26. Party favor bags.
  27. Store screws, nails, other small parts to furniture when moving and then tape to the furniture.
  28. Makeshift DIY dry erase board. Put a piece of posterboard or cardboard inside the bag. Add dry erase marker and there yo go.
  29. Wrap paintbrushes + rubber band to keep brushes fresh between coats, etc.
  30. Fill with air to use in mailers.
  31. Fill with slime. A toddler manipulative.
  32. Dose out medicine.
  33. Organize cords.
  34. Keep earbuds from getting tangled in purse/ backpack.

How are you using your Ziploc bags? Please comment below.


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