Stop Stalking Your Bank Balance and Start Living Your Life.

It turns out that getting paid every other week doesn’t have to mean you get to the end of your cash before you get to the end of the month. 

Sound Familiar?

You stalk your bank account balance from your phone like it's your cheating ex-boyfriend

you find yourself teetering on the brink of financial disaster every month.

You start the month confident in your budget, but it ends in frustration and an empty wallet.

You are constantly worried if you'll have enough money to make it to the end of the month.

I know having a payday that changes month to month can often feel like trying to hit a moving target…

You might get lucky once or twice, but more than likely it’s just leading you down a path of frustration and anger. But what if I told you there’s a secret to nailing it every time?     

With Dollars that make Sen$e...

you'll be able to track your spending quickly

You'll have a clear financial Goals & PLan

You'll know where your money is going

You'll know exactly when and where your money runs out and can divert it with one simple worksheet

Sounds awesome, right?

Throw the brakes on the struggle bus and start slaying your finances with this easy-to-follow guide. Rock your finances today! 


About five years ago we went from a one income family to two.

Color me excited! My kids were in school, I found a job that I loved and I was ready to get back into working (and having adult conversation!).

Enter my big budgeting challenge: how to budget biweekly. Not only had I never been paid biweekly (hello ever changing pay days), but my husband was still get paid semi-monthly.

Some weeks we were both getting paid. Some months I was getting three paychecks instead of two. It threw my previously awesome spreadsheet into dumpster fire status.

After a series of spreadsheet and budgeting systems failures, I finally  figured out where I was going wrong and why it all wasn’t working together like I knew it should.

The answer was simple. Ridiculously simple. And it worked.

Thus Dollars that Makes Sen$e was born

Dollars that make Sen$e

What’s Included?
Over 40 Money Mastering pages + Bonuses

Included in Dollars that Make Sen$e are over 40 pages of tools and worksheets:


  • Income + Expenses Snapshot
  • Spending Organized by Pay Period
  • Monthly Cashflow
  • Bill Pay Calendar
  • Financial Goals Worksheets
  • Savings Checklist + Tracker
  • Spending Tracker
  • Debt Tracker
  • Sinking Fund Tracker
  • Irregular Expenses
  • Automated Payment Tracker
  • Plus another 30+ more!
$ 19
  • Printable Workbook with over 40 pages of tools and worksheets (that's $8 off!)
  • PLUS: Google Sheets Templates & 12 Month Calendar Printables


Google Sheet Templates ($27 Value)

As a special bonus, you can get your own Google Sheets versions of the tools in the workbook which are completely customizable to you and your budget.
Some of the tools you'll get:

  • Track your expenses.
  • Month by Month Spending Plan
  • Budgeting Calendar
  • Bill Pay Checklist
  • Sinking Fund Savings Tracker
  • Long Term Financial Goal Planner
  • Cash Flow for the Year in Review

12 month calendar Printable templates ($5 Value)

Grab these 12 month calendar template printables! Forget that Thursday feeling of what to cook for dinner. Make sure you are never missing your kids games. Track all of your appointments. These templates are so good for keeping the Chaos at bay in your home.

Discretionary Spending Google Sheet templates ($10 Value)

Grab these discretionary spending Google Sheets templates! Track your discretionary spending straight from your smart phone. No more crumbled envelope trackers or manually adding your expenses together. Tracking your expenses just got so.much.easier!