Dollars that Make Sense

Ditch the every-other-week paycheck struggle bus and learn how to create a budget that works.

  • Sick of low level stalking your bank balance?
  • Tired of your money feeling like a disorganized mess?
  • You tried budgeting before, but couldn't make it work?
  • Want to pay off debt and save more, but don't know where to start?


I'm Ready to Get Started

Learn to Budget with a System Designed for Biweekly Budgeters

  • Get your money organized so that you will have a clear picture of your finances
  • Plan and track debt payoff and savings progress
  • Plan ahead so that you get to skip surprises that can throw you off budget.
  • Follow a simple system that you can stick to every month

Our Customers Love Us

Sticking to a budget has always been difficult for our family. When we moved to biweekly paychecks it was even harder to really know what was happening with our money. Dollars that Make Sense really helped us get organized and come up with an easy to follow plan to get our money on track!"

-Ella S.-

“I didn't know where to start when it came to budgeting. I've tried for years to make a plan, but this is the first time I've really been able to stick to it. Thank you!"

-Caitlin V.

What's Included?

Say yes to results. Ditch the stress.

Budgeting doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. Dollars that Make Sense is a simple and easy to use budgeting work to help you organize your money, create a spending plan that works for you and start winning with your money.


Dollars that Make Sense Workbook (Value $57)

This workbook includes over 80 pages to organize, plan, and track your money.

★ Binder Cover
★ Brain Dump
★ To Do List
★ Password Tracker
★ Renewal Reminder

★ Income & Expenses Snapshot
★ Spending by Pay Period
★ Monthly Cash flow Worksheet

★ Bill Pay Calendar
★ Automated Bills Tracker
★ Irregular Bills Tracker
★ Bill Pay Checklist
★ Spending Tracker
★ Spending by Category

★ Short Term Savings Goals Tracker (2 pages)
★ Sinking Funds Tracker
★ Sinking Funds List
★ Long Term Savings Goals
★ Retirement Tracker
★ Retirement Funds

...and more!


BONUS: Debt Payoff Worksheets ($19 Value)

Creating a plan and tracking your debt payoff progress has never been easier. The Ditch Your Debt workbook is designed to help you visualize, plan and track your debt in an easy to use format.


BONUS: Life Happens Emergency Binder ($27 Value)

Sometimes life happens at 100mph. Are you and your family ready in the event of an emergency? Life Happens is an organized way to compile important information that would be critical in the event of an emergency: location of important documents, copies of documents, financial information, health information, insurance details and more!


BONUS: Google Sheets Budgeting Bundle ($27 Value)

Grab the digital budgeting bundle to work in tandem with your workbooks. Accessible from anywhere your phone, tablet or computer go. Can use with Google Sheets (free!) or downloaded as an Excel document.


BONUS: 12 Months Printable Calendar Templates ($12 Value)

These printable calendar templates are great for creating a family schedule, meal planning, habit tracking and more!

For a limited time you can grab this bundle, valued at $142 for just $25!

Meet Kristen.

Hi, I’m Kristen! After graduating from business school well over 15 years ago, I jumped straight into married life with children. 

After 16 moves in 12 years, I’ve perfected the art of streamlining systems to get more while doing less.

I’m a professional blogger at Mom Managing Chaos, helping busy families simplify and organize their life and finances. 

Creating spreadsheets and systems is my jam!

If you are looking for a simple system to get your money organized and on a plan to start meeting your financial goals-- Dollars that Make Sense is for you.