Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth & Abundance

If you’ve ever looked online for ways to make money (and we all have), you’ve probably come across something called affirmations for money, wealth, abundance, etc. Looking at them for the first time, they might strike you as odd mantras to repeat to yourself. Why even bother with this?

Affirmations, or affirmative thoughts, on goals like greater abundance are phrases a person repeats to themself to shift that person’s negative mentality about the subject into a positive mentality. This shift in mindset serves to invigorate the desire to try and think through how to accomplish the goal. 

In this article, I’ll go over why you should care about affirmations at all and what value they may have for you. SO DON’T CLICK AWAY! Hear me out! If you’re the teeniest bit curious about this subject you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can learn about it below. 

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Why Should You Care About Wealth Affirmations?

Money has been named the root of all evil, and for good reason; it’s something that many people cling to as their sole comforter and reason for living to such a degree that they will do anything to get it and lose their humanity in the process. That’s the really unhealthy side of wealth. 

But on the healthy side, it isn’t wrong to want to provide for yourself and your family, it isn’t wrong to set money aside so that you can have a vacation every year, and it certainly isn’t wrong to try to make enough so that you (and your spouse if you have one) can have a really nice retirement far, far away from a retirement home. 

Money is something we are always worried about and something that just seems to get further and further away from us, either by unforeseen accidents or disasters, by mismanagement or bad habits, or sometimes for what seems like no reason at all. For this last one, one reason why could be your mindset toward money, and that’s where the affirmations come in.

What are Wealth Affirmations?

An affirmation in general is kind of like an emotional support tool. They are thoughts you tell yourself to reinvigorate your motivation. You can think about it this way: we are all very familiar with depressing and anxiety-inducing thoughts coming into our minds regarding money at every stage of our life, except for our childhoods (I hope). 

You know the thoughts that  I’m talking about:

  • “We barely scraped by this time.”
  • “Will I have enough next month?”
  • “This is hopeless.”
  • “What if something happens? We won’t be able to pay.”
  • “I don’t deserve to make more money.”
  • Etc.

Affirmations are the opposite of those. You’ll often see headlines like, “Affirmations to Attract Money into Your Life.” It’s true a phrase like “Prosperity is drawn to me,” isn’t going to actually attract something like money to you by itself. We all know that. 

Rather, what they mean is Jack Canfield’s “Laws of Attraction,” where he claims that if you focus on all of the good things in your life, you will attract good things to come into your life. 

In another translation, it’s the renewal of your focus and motivation to reach your goals. Staying hopeful for a good outcome will help you persist in trying and finally make your desires tangible. Put that way it isn’t too strange an idea, is it? If you focus on a pet and desire a pet, you’ll work to make it possible to have one. You use the affirmations to recenter your focus and motivations on your goals to make those goals a reality. 

 Lauren Bringle, a certified financial advisor, put it best when she asked her readers to imagine a future where they do have more than enough for everything. Then she states,“This ‘more than enough’ is exactly what abundance affirmations can help you focus on – setting a vision for your financial life you can then turn into actionable financial goals.”

By understanding what you want to accomplish, you can start making a financial roadmap, regardless of what job you have. I won’t lie to you, you can find some affirmations that are pretty ridiculous, and probably won’t help you much such as “I am a money magnet!” or “Money is my servant!” But there are good ones, which brings us to the question of what makes a good money affirmation.

What Affirmations for Money are Supposed to do?

Affirmations are supposed to break your mental habits of thinking things like:

  • “I don’t deserve to make more money.”
  • “I could never become wealthy.”
  • “I’ll always live from paycheck to paycheck.”
  • “I’m not getting anywhere.”

And instead fill you with the hope that being wealthier is possible, that you DO deserve it, and that you CAN accomplish those financial goals!

Your Affirmations should be goal-focused and grounded in reality. You’re not denying that the challenges of life exist, but you are instead facing those challenges in a positive way. In psychology, this is often called the “power of positive thinking.”

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Psychologically speaking, affirmations will help you in very real ways mentally. John Hopkins Medicine explained that thinking positively and being hopeful reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases and depression (imagine that!). It can also enhance your management of stress in general and how you cope with it. 

Wealth Affirmation Samples for You

Here’s a short collection of present tense and future tense affirmations to help you renew your hope. The present tense affirmations serve to remind you of what you have already, which is not as hopeless as your negative mindset would have you believe. The future tense affirmations are to give you hope and motivation for a bright future and re-establish the sight of your goals. 

Present Tense:

  • I do have money
  • I want more money and it’s okay to want more money
  • I successfully paid my bills this month
  • I have already set aside more money than I did before
  • My focus is making me more prepared
  • My life is full of wealth
  • I have plenty of financial opportunities
  • I am focused on being able to enjoy my life
  • I deserve to have money (Not as a sense of entitlement for money you haven’t earned, but recognizing that you have earned a bonus, a promotion, etc.)
  • I accept the unexpected prosperity
  • I can conquer my money goals
  • I’m getting out of my own way of reachable financial goals. 

Future Tense:

  • I am capable of facing any financial obstacles ahead; I have planned for them.
  • There are more financial opportunities waiting for me
  • It’s easier to save money than it was before
  • I’ll have even more money in my account this month
  • I’ll be able to enjoy financial freedom because of my efforts
  • Being positive is allowing me, and will allow me, to accomplish more
  • My positivity and focus will get me noticed by my bosses and peers.


Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas to get you out of your financial funk. Money is a necessity and it IS scary. But you do need it and it’s okay to want enough to enjoy the good things in life like new experiences and desire the money to achieve that. 

While having affirmations for money and abundance is a wonderful way to remind yourself of your financial goals, the relationship works in vice versa too. Getting advice on how to set up reachable financial goals will make it easy to bring affirmations to your mind when things get hard. So don’t give up, and give yourself time. You’ve worked hard and deserve to feel some security.

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