Attention: Bi Weekly Budgeters Struggling to Create a Budget that Works

What if Budgeting were simple & You didn't have to live paycheck to paycheck?

Dollars that Make Sense is your simple solution to getting your finances in order, staying on budget, and breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle!

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Let Me Guess...

You know you need a budget, but you feel overwhelmed and stressed. You don’t know where to start and are desperate to get your finances in order. 

Are you SICK OF...

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stalking your bank balance from your phone like it's your cheating ex-boyfriend

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a disorganized mess and don't know where to begin

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Don't know how to make all your money work together

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struggling every month with how to stay on budget

I know having a payday that changes month to month can often feel like trying to hit a moving target. 

I struggled with how to make my family’s biweekly and semi monthly paychecks work together. It felt overwhelming and confusing. I couldn’t find a good system to make paying bills, saving money and paying down debt simple.

But what if I told you there’s a secret to nailing it every time?     

Lucky for you with Dollars that make Sen$e you'll...

make your money work together

have a simple and clear plan to follow

know where your money is going

be more organized

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Over 40 money Mastering pages + Bonuses

Included in Dollars that Make Sen$e are over 40 pages of tools and worksheets to help you plan your spending, track your debt, plan savings goals, retirement account trackers, checklists for bills, spending and category trackers and more! 


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Google Sheet Templates ($27 Value)

As a special bonus, you can get your own Google Sheets versions of the tools in the workbook which are completely customizable to you and your budget.
Some of the tools you'll get:

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12 month calendar Printable templates ($5 Value)

Grab these 12 month calendar template printables! Forget that Thursday feeling of what to cook for dinner. Make sure you are never missing your kids games. Track all of your appointments. These templates are so good for keeping the Chaos at bay in your home.


About five years ago we went from a one income family to two. 

Color me excited! My kids were in school, I found a job that I loved and I was ready to get back into working (and having adult conversation!).

Enter my big budgeting challenge: how to budget biweekly. Not only had I never been paid biweekly (hello ever changing pay days), but my husband was still get paid semi-monthly. 

Some weeks we were both getting paid. Some months I was getting three paychecks instead of two. It threw my previously awesome spreadsheet into dumpster fire status.

After a series of spreadsheet and budgeting systems failures. I finally  figured out where I was going wrong and why it all wasn’t working together like I knew it should.

The answer was simple. Ridiculously simple. And it worked. 

Thus Dollars that Makes Sen$e was born.