Walmart is known for offering a huge range of products at amazingly affordable prices but what if there were ways for you to save even more money when shopping?

1. Compare prices online while shopping in-store

There are often savings to be found online, so when shopping in-store it pays to have the Walmart app or website open on your phone.

2. Receive money back on price drops

Keep an eye on any price drops that might enable you to receive some money back on purchases bought up-to 7 days previously.

3. Price match online

All online Walmart purchases made online gives you the option of price matching your products with other web-shops, including Amazon!

4. Get cashback with the Walmart Mastercard

When you use your Walmart credit card either in-store or online Walmart offers you 5% cashback on all of your purchases.

5. Use coupons

Coupons are a great way of saving money on your weekly shop and Walmart’s coupon policy is more generous than that offered by many of their competitors.

6. Shop early, save money!

It pays to set the alarm early and beat the rush. From about 8am onwards the fresh meat and bakery heavily discount items from the day before.

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