7 Walmart Hacks to Shop Smarter

Walmart is known for offering a huge range of products at amazingly affordable prices but what if there were ways for you to save even more money when shopping?

Check out these 7 easy hacks for saving even more when shopping at Walmart.

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  1. Compare prices online while shopping in-store

There are often savings to be found online, so when shopping in-store it pays to have the Walmart app or website open on your phone. Compare and contrast what you’re being asked to pay in-store with whatever is online. 

Sometimes even further discounts can be found online so it can pay to check around before you buy.

  1. Receive money back on price drops

Keep an eye on any price drops that might enable you to receive some money back on purchases bought up-to 7 days previously.

For example, if you purchase a microwave on a Monday and see that the price has dropped on the Thursday, so long as you have your receipt you are entitled to ask the store to reimburse the difference.

Be aware, this hack only works on purchases made within the previous 7-days.

  1. Price match online

All online Walmart purchases made online gives you the option of price matching your products with other web-shops, including Amazon!

Find one of their products on another website for less than you paid at Walmart and they will refund the difference.

This offer is available for one product per day, so choose wisely!

  1. Get cashback with the Walmart Mastercard

Earn cash while spending cash? This hack sounds too good to be true, however when you use your Walmart credit card either in-store or online Walmart offer you 5% cashback on all of your purchases.

This offer includes fuel fill-ups and restaurant visits as well. 

  1. Use coupons

Coupons are a great way of saving money on your weekly shop and Walmart’s coupon policy is more generous than that offered by many of their competitors.

Using a manufacturer’s coupon that is redeemable for a greater price than Walmart’s sale price will see the difference knocked off your overall bill.

Shop really smart and if the total value of your coupons exceeds that of your shopping basket you can come away with a little extra cash in your pockets!

  1. Shop early, save money!

It pays to set the alarm early and beat the rush. Not only does Walmart offer the best selection of products first-thing after the nightshift has been hard at work restocking, from about 8am onwards the fresh meat and bakery heavily discount items from the day before. Still fresh, a fraction of the cost.

 A hand holding a Walmart receipt in Walmart store. Walmart is an American retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets and discount department store
  1. Buy own brand over big brands  

Why pay more than you need to when you can get great quality items for a fraction of the big brand price.

Dig around and buy Walmart’s home brand staple goods to save yourself a packet on your shopping bill.

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