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Bullet Journal Ideas for Busy Moms (No Artistic Ability Needed)

Are you a busy momma looking for ideas to help organize and manage your life? This completely customizable planner can be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to organizing your life and increasing your productivity. I am a Google Calendar fan for life!  I absolutely love having my calendar at my finger tips any

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A Simple Wardrobe | Keeping Minimum Clothing in Your Wardrobe

Are you interested in simplifying your wardrobe? Does your closet feel cluttered? Do you suffer from analysis paralysis when it comes to deciding what to wear every day? Want to find out how to keep minimum clothing without feeling like you have nothing to wear? Check out these tips to get you started! Disclosure: We are

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Why You Need Google Calendar to Organize Your Life

How to Use Google Calendar to Organize Your Life It’s free. It syncs. You (and whoever you choose) can access it from your phone, tablet or computer. This serves a multitude of functions for me. The rule in my house is: If it’s not on our calendar– it doesn’t exist. The lie that I used