cutting expenses

60+ Easy Ways to Cut Costs

Cutting Costs to Put More Money Back in Your Budget Are you struggling to find more money each month? You may not have an income problem so much as an expense problem. While saving $1 here and there may not seem like much, it certainly adds up over time. Did you realize if you can

price book

Making a Grocery Price Book to Save Big Money

Chances are you comparison shop. When you need a new car, washer, computer– you don’t just run out and buy it, you shop around! Shopping for groceries doesn’t have to be any different. The point is to maximize the value, but paying out as little money as you can manage. With something like a computer,

Ways to save money

30 Days to Saving More Money

About four times a year I do a top to bottom cleaning of my house– both literally and financially. I love these quarterly check-ins as I’m always able to find ways to save more money or where I can cut back. This month-long money saving challenge is a great way to jump-start your savings.  Here’s

125 Best Frugal Living Tips in 2019!

Frugal living is simply about living well, but spending less. It isn’t about depriving yourself of things. It means making smart choices about how you are choosing to spend your money. Frugal living is an important step in your journey to get control of your finances and it’s an integral part of planning and saving for