how to clean your house with kids

How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

Are you caught in the eternal struggle that is keeping your house clean with kids at home? Do you get one room clean, move on, only to come back and see that your children have moved into the first room you cleaned and wrecked it? If any of that sounds familiar, then this is for

Summer Bucket List | Things to Do with Your Kids

Looking for things to do with your kids? I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with summer. By the time the end of the school year rolls around, I’m yearning for a break from being a slave to the business of my kid’s school schedules. Those first three weeks into summer

help forgetful child

How to Help a Forgetful Child

The ability to stay organized and on task isn’t something that is intuitive to most children. This is definitely a learned skill– and if we are being completely honest, many adults still struggle with this very issue. So, how do we help a forgetful child? How do we teach them to become more organized? Check