It might have something to do with financial management more than just luck, so here are nine habits of women who manage to avoid being broke.

1. Make a Financial Plan – And Stick to It!

Plan for your finances, how much will go into savings and how much can be used as fun money, and most importantly stick to this plan firmly.

2. Avoid Impulse Buys

It is a hard habit to break, but a very important one. A good trick is to sleep on a decision overnight and see if you still want it in the morning.

3. Have Two Bank Accounts

It can be very difficult to try to save money while it’s sitting there tempting you in the same account you use for shopping, paying bills and other daily expenses.

4. Direct Transfer For Bills And Savings

Set up direct debits so that bills and deposits into your savings are automatically made. Then you’ll never need to worry about it.

5. Avoid Using Credit Cards

You can get yourself into a lot of trouble very quickly with their crazy high interest rates if the balance is not paid off in time.

6. Know How To Say No

It can be hard, especially if you’re saying no to good friends, but learn discipline. If you can’t afford that night out, restaurant dinner or social event, then learn to say no.

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