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clutterfree with kids

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Clutterfree living with kids– is it possible?? What if I told you it wasn’t only possible, that you can get your kid’s room clean in 8 easy steps?!

Clutter can contribute to your stress level. I can feel it every time I walk into the playroom after my children have been in it for twenty minutes. It’s impossible for me to sit and relax when things are not put away and in order. Granted, I’m a mother of 3 so I have a lot of experience squinting into my kid’s bedrooms so I can maintain sanity, but that only works for so long. 

Read on for ways to tackle that clutter!


clutterfree with kids


8 Simple Steps to Living Clutter-free with Kids!

Items required:

  • Trash Bag(s)
  • Baskets/Bins/Bags/Containers
  • Hamper/Laundry Basket
  • Labels or Tape
  • A sense of humor

1. Crank up the music. Alright, this is not key, per se, to the decluttering process, but I find if I turn music on it helps me stay on task and l am less likely to run screaming from the room.

2. Start by making the bed. You need a nice clean space to go through everything and if your children are like mine–their floor is like a minefield of toys, yesterday’s sweaty gym socks, and hair ties. Not super conducive to sorting. Not to mention, who wants to hunch over the floor for an hour??  

cutting clutter and kids room organization 

3. Dump everything on the bed. Collect everything you see and chuck it on the bed. I’ll be honest—this is my favorite part. Just throw it all on your nice clean bed.

 4. Line the containers up near the bed. Labeling (or if you have a great memory—good on ya!) the baskets into categories. For example, my girls adore Legos, Barbies, books, and Playmobil people. They have other odds and ends they have received as gifts or *cough* from Kids Meals. So I look around and I take stock of what I’m dealing with. Then I mark everything: Basket 1: Playmobil. Basket 2: Legos 3: Books 4. Misc. Then, I put these three off to the side: 5. Donate 6. Trash goes into the Trash bag 7. Clothes hamper/basket.

5. Re-home. The point of this step is not to make any decisions about the items. You are simply moving it and it’s 10 closest friends to their new temporary home.

6. Sit down with each basket—wherever you like. Now, go through it. It’s funny when you look at something in the context of similar items. Twice a year I go through and declutter my kids’ rooms. I know things have gotten off track when I realize there are 17 Barbies. SEVENTEEN. Ain’t nobody need 17 Barbies. Nobody.

So a few things happen during this step. First, I pick what I think seems like a fair number for 3 girls. Second, I evaluate the condition, how much I’ve seen my girls play with them, when is the last time I saw them playing with it, does it have all the pieces, etc. and make cuts accordingly.

Everything I decide not to keep goes directly into my donate basket. Unless, they are missing limbs (no judgments, we had a few of those) in which case, those go into the trash.  I do this same process with every basket until I’m through it all.

  cutting clutter and kids room organization

7. Hash it out. I’m not going to lie ya’ll. My kids hate when I start purging stuff. It doesn’t matter to them that they have not played with that teddy bear since they won it at their school carnival. They want it all. Sadly, for them, it’s not all staying. So, I let them dig through the donate box and they have the power to veto one—I say again, ONE—item, but that’s it.

8. Go to your home! I know you’ve heard this before, but everything needs a home. On top of the dresser or on the floor doesn’t really count. No more piles, no more stacks, no more opportunities to feed the disorder. These are my favorite toy bins!


Cut the floor clutter! Hanging storage. Wall shelves. Think about all the unused wall space you have available. Instead of loading books onto a bookcase which is cluttering up the room with another piece of furniture. Try hanging a few picture ledges and displaying books there. 

Large collection of stuffed animals? Consider hanging wicker baskets. So many options!

Getting rid of unused items is key to cutting the clutter. Organizing what you do have not only makes the room look and feel nice, but it can ultimately save you money. If you already have 4 toys cars in good condition– no need for more. Ya feel me?!

Those are my 8 steps to cutting clutter from my kids’ rooms. I would love you hear from you on some of the ways that you declutter. Please comment below!

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