Free Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log | A Bills to Pay Checklist

Keeping your monthly bills organized can be a struggle! If you aren’t tracking monthly expenses, keeping an accurate payment record or don’t know when monthly bills are due– friend these free printable monthly bill payment log and organizer sheets are going to change your budget and your life!

No more wondering when bills are due.

No more wondering if payments have been made.

And no more searching through payments and bank statements to see if monthly expenses have been paid!

Your Free Printable Monthly Bill Organizer Sheets | Bill Organization at It’s Best!

Be sure to grab this free printable monthly bill organizer download (in PDF format) to ensure your budget and finances stay on track!

This easy to use monthly bill organizer is the perfect place to write out all of your monthly bills, their due dates, the amount due, how much you paid and when you paid it.

No more late fees, no more scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out if you’ve paid your cell phone bill or when your utilities bill is due! 

You’ve got a handy payment record and payment checklist all rolled into one. 

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Keep Your Budget on Track with a Free Monthly Budget Calendar

free printable monthly budget calendar

If you receive biweekly paychecks, semi-monthly paychecks or even weekly paychecks, a budget calendar can be a great tool to keeping your budget on track. 

A budget calendar gives you a birds-eye view of what your month look likes in terms of your finances.

One of the chief troubles I hear from people is how difficult it is to manage monthly bills when you get paid at different times every month. 

A budget calendar can keep you organized.

It allows you to see what bills need to be paid from which paycheck and potentially if you have more due than income.

In situations like this one, it would be a good time to reach out to companies and inquire about a change in due dates. 

Or perhaps you can restructure how you set up your payments for high cost items. Utilize the half payment method ( I talk about this method in my article about how to stretch your income) and split up large payments, your mortgage for example, into more manageable chunks. 

If you’re rent is $1000 and you get paid 2x a month, you can set aside $500 every paycheck instead of coming up with the whole $1000 at once.

Budget calendar. Grab yours free below!

Keep Track of Irregular Expenses

free printable irregular expenses tracker

If you are a faithful budgeter, but still find yourself running out of money before you reach the end of your month Irregular Expenses could be to blame.

Irregular expenses are expenses that occur infrequently. They could happen quarterly, seasonally or even yearly.

An example of irregular expenses would be things like: birthdays, holidays, personal property tax, vacations, school dues, etc.

The best way to manage these bills is to get ahead of them with this free printable tracker.

There are a few ways you could come up with your list. Either go through last years budgets and see what you had paid last year or you can make a plan about what you have coming up, going month by month.

For example, I know in January I have 2 family birthdays, so I would write those down. I know in February we have Valentine’s Day which my little girls love celebrating so I’ll write that down.

You get the idea.

Don’t let irregular expenses throw a wrench in your finances. The sooner you get yourself organized and start planning ahead, the easier it will become to navigate your finances and start managing them like a boss!

Free Printable Spending Tracker (by Categories + Monthly Spending Tracker)

free printable monthly spending tracker

Want to know what will get you off budget quicker than anything else? Not tracking your spending.

Having a monthly budget is fantastic, but if you aren’t sticking to your budget you are wasting your time.

Who cares if you write down $100 a month for eating out if you are spending $400?!

I created this free printable spending log to keep track of not only your expenses as they happen, but I’ve also created a spending worksheet where you can organize your spending by category so you can see exactly where your money is going every month!

If you don’t believe that tracking your spending will change your budget and the way you spend, I double-dog-dare you to give this a try for 3 months and tell me your eyes aren’t opened to all the ways you are wasting your money. 

free printable spending tracker organized by budget category

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Automated Bill Payment Log

free printable automate bill payment log

Ya’ll! I love the stuffing out of automating my money. (Don’t believe me? Check out my article all about Why Automating Your Money Will Change Your Finances.

Automating allows me to keep my saving goals on track.

But it also allows me to make sure my bills are paid and paid on time. Heck, some companies will even give you a discount if you sign up for auto-pay. 

Yes, please!

The trouble with automated payments can be making sure you are accounting for them each month since you don’t have to physically go in and pay them.

That’s why I created this free printable automated bill payment log.  It’s a great automated bill organizer, payment log, as well as a checklist to make sure you aren’t forgetting to deduct these bills from your monthly budget. 

Bringing It All Together

Bill pay organization is a great tool to paying bills on time and avoiding late fees. I hope these free printable are as helpful to you as they have been for me.

I’d love to hear how these worked (or didn’t) for you. Please drop a comment below!

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