Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget | Refreshing Your Front Porch Without Breaking the Bank

Small front porches are fun to decorate, even though it may seem like there is not much space to work with. However, you can put all those myths about small porches lacking character to bed simply by being creative and utilizing whatever treasures you can find.

You can make a small porch look like the best porch by using different color themes and ideas. Putting together a great front porch may also involve flowers or plants. You can even give your porch a fun theme if you have the right items to play with. 

Finding certain pieces and coming up with good ideas will take some work, but you can do it. Peruse this article and discover small front porch ideas on a budget. 

small front porch with flowers in the window s on a green house and a red door

What Are Some Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget?

It may seem challenging to develop ideas for your small front porch when you are on a tight budget. However, you can get it done with a bit of motivation and ingenuity. The following are different ways to create the perfect small front porch without blowing all your cash. 

Dress it up With an Outdoor Rug

You do not have to spend a lot of money on a stylish outdoor rug. The following are all different and inexpensive ways you can make the perfect rug for your cozy little porch:

  • You can dress up an outdoor rug by creating stripes using painter’s tape
  • You can use basic cotton to make a border for an ordinary carpet.
  • You can paint dots on an old rug to give it a cheeky retro look
  • You can use stencils to paint on a simple rug

It is a fun project to DIY your thrift or vintage rug. It makes for the ultimate unique and creative appearance.

Porch of the house is decorated in the traditional Scandinavian style with a lantern and Christmas lights - concept of home warmth, comfort, family holiday.

Decorative Lanterns

Decorative lanterns or fairy lights can warm up a front porch and make it appear inviting. This idea is more inspired around the Christmas season and during the winter when the nights become longer. Using fewer lights than you would at Christmas would be a better choice.

Fancy Flowers

You can’t go wrong with putting the spotlight on nature. If you grow your flowers from seedlings, they are very budget-friendly. The quintessential English cottage look inspires the beautiful colors. Petunias are gorgeous on a front porch in the summer. You will get shades in the following colors:

  • Burgundy red
  • Butter yellow
  • Ebony black
  • Fuchsia
  • Lavender
  • Silvery blue
  • Soft pink
  • White

Flowers like these bring color and life to your front porch. You can also mix the colors of these flowers to make your front porch look charming.

Perfect Symmetry

When you use symmetry to decorate the front porch, keep in mind that you can create a streamlined design by adding a couple of chairs. Put matching chairs on either side of the porch with matching pillows. Bonus if you add bold or attractive colors like turquoise or lime green.

You could also use pillows with vintage 1960’s inspired flowers with colors like the following:

  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Place potted plants on both edges of the porch to create a balance. If you want your front porch to stand out, use a pop of color.

Entrance porch in old house with contrast green and red walls. View of white wooden hanging swing

Put in a Porch Swing

You can easily make your porch warmer and more inviting by putting in a porch swing. Imagine having a barbecue on a beautiful summer day, and you are out on your front porch with family eating hamburgers or hot dogs and swinging on your porch swing.

Maybe tranquility is more your style, and you can imagine a quiet fall afternoon resting on the porch swing while reading a book, and watching the colorful leaves drift in the soft wind.

A porch swing adds grace to these precious moments, and you can make it even better by painting on a faux driftwood finish or a bold color.

Put Up Wind Chimes

Wind chimes look positively divine on a small front porch. They also provide a gentle, pleasant sound. You could even make your wind chimes by using the following items:

  • Beads
  • Bells
  • Bunt pan or jello™ mold
  • Chains
  • Seashells
  • Wooden pipes

You could make wind chimes out of anything. You can even repurpose silverware or old skeleton keys. The point of this DIY project is to get creative. The best part is that wind chimes bring good luck and positive energy. 

Small Water Fountain

A small water fountain will instantly add a touch of elegance to your outdoor living space. Try to get one where the water cascades down from the fountain and creates a soothing trickling sound. The cascade of water will make for a welcoming and luxurious experience.

Add Murals or Mosaics

A beautiful mural will elevate your front porch into a unique and fascinating conversation piece. You can try making the artwork yourself, or go to an art school and see if any students would like to paint a mural for a small fee. It would be worth a shot!

You can also support a local artist or find quality artwork at flea markets or yard sales. You could turn your outing into a treasure hunt and find a piece or two you appreciate and want to show off.

Two white rocking chairs on porch of green New Orleans American Home

Add Rocking Chairs

You can use rustic, old-fashioned furniture, and rocking chairs are reminiscent of an old-timey country home. You can sit on the porch in your rocking chair while sipping an iced tea. You will be swaying back and forth and looking up at the fluffy white clouds in the clear blue sky. 

Utilize Pale Colors

Lighter colors will provide a spacious look for your small front porch. Some of the best colors to include the following:

  • Baby blue
  • Mint green
  • Pale pink
  • Soft lavender or violet

You can do the whole front porch like this. Pick out matching pillows and rug to make for a charming and lively appearance.

Yellow, White, and Black

If you would like your entryway to stand out and make your neighbors jealous, you should try the trick of using the following colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow

The odd color combination is that black and white are basic. However, if you combine it with a more prominent shade like yellow, you will be adding a much-needed burst of color.

You could also have pretty yellow flowers on your porch, arranged in a vase for a touch of lightness. Yellow is the hue of sunshine and happiness, and you will make your porch look more inviting by using it.

Lemons and Limes

Think. What goes great with lemons? Limes, of course! Try yellow and green pillows on neutral furniture, or add a green or yellow vase with flowers like daisies. Together, these colors will make your front porch pop with a fresh burst of color.

View from the window to the bird feeder. Tit and sparrow feast on sunflower seeds. Feeding urban birds in winter.

Feed Your Feathered Friends

You can put a bird feeder right by your front porch, and you will be attracting many beautiful birds like the following:

  • Bluebirds
  • Cardinals
  • Chickadees
  • Mourning doves
  • Song sparrows
  • Starlings

You can fasten the small plastic feeder to the window glass with suction cups or get a tray or platform feeder to attract the most seed-eating birds. Tray feeders can be attached to the following places:

  • Deck railings
  • Posts
  • Stumps

You can also hang bird feeders that you can fill with sunflower seeds or most other types of seeds. They also like peanuts and corn to mix things up.

A bird feeder is a beautiful idea to keep around your house. You can sit on the front porch and admire the picturesque view.

Nautical Style 

You may like being close to the ocean, but you do not live near a beach. However, you can use the ocean as an idea to decorate your front porch. You will need to find many nautical treasures to be able to do this. You could use a doormat with a compass on it.

Maybe pictures of the ocean on the pillows for the chairs. There are many ideas you may be able to come up with. You may need to search for these inspired items, but it will be worth it once you see how great the front porch will look.

Make a Living Room on Your Porch

If you do not have an existent porch, you can set up the next best thing. An outdoor living room would be perfect. You can put a sofa and a small coffee table up by the front of the house. You can make it look as minimal and natural as possible by using primarily wooden furniture.

If you aim to give your porch a cozy look that jives with great outdoors, you can use potted plants and decorate the outside of your house with some baskets or decorative lights. This idea may seem a bit eccentric, but it is entirely doable and looks outstanding.

Another choice would be a front porch pergola. The trellis-inspired structure could have a protective top to keep out the rain and can add much-needed curb appeal.

Front covered porch with brown chairs and red cushions.

The Wonderful World of Wicker 

Wicker is an excellent idea for your front porch because the material is solid and light. You can mix and match designs, as wicker furniture is very flexible. You can also get any cushion you want for the seat.

Wicker is perfect for a lazy day outdoors. Be sure to add lighting to your porch. You can use vintage-styled lighting that hangs from the ceiling. The look is brilliant and cheery.

A Little Privacy Please

You could add some lovely curtains to your porch for ambiance and privacy. If your porch does not have walls surrounding it, this is a perfect idea. It is unnecessary to add curtains all around, but a few would undoubtedly be a nice touch.

Add some comfortable seating to the mix, like a hanging sofa. A little privacy on your front porch would be a refreshing change of pace.

Go Green

A front porch featuring this color is an inspired idea if you love green. You can have

  • a green rug
  • bright green plants
  • green cushions
  • pillows

These items would add a nice touch. You can also do something a little different and put green plants on each step toward the house.

Shed Some Light on the Subject

Lighting is essential for your home, and the front porch is no exception. You can add a string of fairy lights or put some flameless candles. You can also put specialty lights all around your furniture.

Lights will also bring security and enhancement to your front porch. Make sure you arrange everything well because it could look a bit much if you use too many lights.

Vintage Ideas

You can find vintage items at the following places:

  • Flea market
  • Garage sales
  • Side of the road (seriously!)

Add Vintage items like the following:

  • Baskets of flowers
  • Old fashioned Dresser as a planter
  • Old picture frame as a wreath
  • Rustic wood farmhouse bench
  • Vintage step stool plant stand
  • Weathered wooden bench
  • White metal plant hook
  • White picket fence welcome sign

There are so many vintage décor ideas for your front porch. Many of these ideas will work even if you have a small front porch.

There are many thrift shops where you will need to hunt, but you can find some beautiful items for a great deal. These suggestions will give your front porch a classic, straightforward appeal.

Panorama Facade of home with view of the front porch yard outdoor stairs and garage door. Furniture, windows, pillars, and gray wall can also be seen at the house's exterior.

How Do You Make a Small Porch Appear Bigger?

There are many ways you can make a small porch appear bigger. You would be surprised by all the little tricks you can do. The following are all different ways you can fool everyone into thinking that your front porch is more significant than it is:

  • Deliberately place mirrors to reflect light and images
  • Utilize eco-bricks filled with water
  • Create a half-height wall with a light-colored canvas or shade net roll-up sheet to cover the rest of the wall

A small front porch does not need to feel limiting. You can use these tricks, and you may even fool yourself!


You can design a phenomenal-looking porch on a budget, even if it is small. You can set up some of the most beautiful and inviting porches with the least expensive items.  

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