9 Cheap Ways To Block Your Neighbor’s View

Whether you have a swimming pool, want to host parties outside with a fun outdoor space, or simply don’t like the idea of your nosy neighbors having a clear view into your backyard—

Keep reading to learn more about the different cheap ways to block neighbors view of your backyard.

A fence is a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. Fences are generally distinguished from walls by the lightness of their construction and their purpose. Walls are usually barriers made from solid brick or concrete, blocking vision as well as passage, while fences are used more frequently to provide visual sectioning of spaces.

9 Cheap Ways To Block Your Neighbor’s View

In general, there are lots of different privacy solutions available, but some options may be a little more budget friendly than others. 

Plus, along with a budget, you will also need to consider your neighbors, your Homeowner’s Association  and the city’s building codes. As the property owner, you will want to research the rules and requirements of both before adding any additional privacy options

Keep reading to learn about nine of the cheapest backyard options that can afford you the complete privacy you are looking for. 

A fence made of metal professional flooring

Install a Fence or Wall

One obvious option is to install a fence or privacy wall around your backyard. Before building a fence, research the different models to see which best suits you and what the cheapest option would be.

Corrugated metal fence can be bought pretty affordably and can act as more of a soundproof between you and your neighbor.

A wooden fence is another great option as well. You can construct this yourself using wooden boards that have been weather treated to build a beautiful private retreat.

If you feel your fence is not covered enough, consider purchasing privacy fence screens online. It will serve as a decoration and a way to ensure that your walls are covered. Measure your wall and assure that the privacy fence screen will comprehensively cover your fence.

An example of a privacy screen is DearHouse Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen.

Plant Fast Growing Trees and Shrubs

Plant fast-growing evergreen trees and shrubs. Growing these plants will enable you to have a fence made up of the trees and evergreen shrubs that you’ve grown in your yard.

This is a great affordable options as the only things you would have to purchase are the trees and shrubs. (And remember to consistently water when needed).

Different types of trees are beneficial for privacy around your home. Bamboo trees grow fast and are great for privacy, but research as there are different types of bamboo trees to avoid conflict with your neighbors.

And because of how tall they are, Holly trees can also act as decorations for Christmas. 

Small garden in springtime with dachshund dog sitting on the lawn.

Grow a Hedge Plant

Grow a hedge plant in your yard. Hedge plants are great for natural fence privacy and are a way to separate you and your neighbor’s yard.

Planting hedges in your yard is allowed just about everywhere. You can even incorporate a container garden, filled with potted plants. 

If you don’t have much of a green thumb you can always consult with a professional landscaper or landscape architect for more ideas. 

Hang Curtains in Your Patio or Backyard

Hang outdoor curtains onto your patio or backyard to block your neighbors’ view. It is a very convenient way of use since you can easily install, or take off, the curtains as you please. Blackout curtains are bought for outdoor curtains, too.

Blackout curtains will assure you that your neighbors will not be able to peek into whatever it is you are intending on blocking. When hanging the curtains, make sure that you have sturdy rods or bars for support. An example of a blackout, outdoor, curtain is LIFONDER Blackout Pergola Shade Blinds.

Install Lattice Screens

Install lattice panels around your yard. They can be sourced through wood or plastic materials.

They are in various shapes and sizes. Natural, material, made lattice screens are recommended due to there being a cleaner look aesthetically.

A lattice trellis can be of use to, also, decorate with climbing plants and vines. 

An example of a lattice trellis is Best Choice Products Set of 2 48in Wood Planter Box & Diamond Lattice Trellis.

pergola outdoors with wooden bench surrounded by woods

Install an Overhead Shade

Installing an overhead shade on your patio is an affordable and great way to have privacy. If you, and a neighbor, live in a multi-story home, install an overhead shade that prevents your neighbor from looking down into your patio.

Having an overhead can also hide the sun from beaming down your face. Overhead shades can come in different shapes and sizes.

An example of an overhead shade is Shade&Beyond 10’x13’ Rectangle Sun Shade Sail.

DIY Your View Blocker

Aside from hedge plants, a lot of cities are strict as to if you are allowed to install fences into your yard along with other methods of blocking your neighbors’ view. DIYing a view blocker in your yard is an affordable way to gain privacy.

From plastic bottles to shipping tubes, you can attach them onto a string and place them on your fence, or whatever else, as a support system. This way, you can gain privacy from your neighbors and use recyclable materials. 

Buy Large Plants

Purchase large beautiful plants. These plants can either be authentic or artificial but are still tall enough to block your neighbors’ view.

Place the plants in a row to prevent your neighbor from peeking into your yard. Bushy plants are more susceptible to garnering you the privacy that you want.

Another really attractive (yet functional!) option is with a vertical garden or building other garden structures. 

Build a Patio

Build a patio in your yard. Depending on the size of your house determines the size of the patio you can build. Decide where you want to have your patio built. Then proceed to take measurements before you continue with it. Small patios are intimate and easier to screen in contrast to larger patios since there is less expense in cover them.


You have now learned about the nine, affordable, ways on how to block your neighbors’ view.

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Generally, fences and walls should be sufficient to block out your neighbors view– even from the upstairs. But, you could also consider overhead shades, a pergola or lattice fence where you can incorporate greenery or rolled shades.

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Free standing privacy screens, wooden slat partitions, and screen and plant barriers are a few great inexpensive options.

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