Does Walmart Make Keys in 2022?

So, keys. They always seem to be running away at the worst moments. If it seems like your key is gone for good, or maybe you want to gift someone else with permanent entry to your home, you might be wondering: does Walmart make keys still in 2022?

Walmart does still make keys in 2022, which means that if you need to have a key copied, it is the perfect place to go. There is even a self-service kiosk which you can use on your own which is user friendly and fast. 

The service is quite reasonable and quick to do by yourself but keep reading for an easy explanation on how to do it.

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How to Copy a Key in Walmart

It can be such a pain to copy keys sometimes, considering the key makers in hardware stores are beginning to run appointment-based systems – or failing that, you have to wait for the kid behind the counter at Home Depot to run the key machine for you, but here you can do it yourself.

What you do is follow these simple steps:

  • Bring the key in which you would like copy
  • The machine will request you insert said key – follow its directions to know which way.
  • The machine will then identify the little nooks and crannies of your key to create a blueprint for it.
  • The machine will then offer you some options on which base you’d want your new key’s teeth cut into. 
  • The machine will then ask you your preferred method of payment
  • Once payment is accepted, the machine with run automatically, cutting out the same pattern on the new base as on your old key
  • After the machine has finished cutting, it will deposit the keys into a slot for you to pick up

And you’re done! It truly is that easy. Little more on your part than insert, choose base, pay and wait. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cut A Key At Walmart?

It depends on the base and the kind of key, but it is generally quite cheap to cut a key at Walmart – ranging between $2 and $6. Naturally, if you get back home and the keys that you have cut at the store are not working as intended, you are also entitled to a refund if you return the keys.

What Kinds Of Keys Can I Cut At Walmart?

Reportedly, Walmarts can usually cut a selection of keys, including Yale keys, house keys and even car keys when they are the old-fashioned kind which need teeth to turn on the car. Unfortunately, if you have a newer model car key which includes a chip, Walmart will not be able to copy your key as car manufacturers design them so they can’t be copied that easily (which makes sense when you think about it.)


Walmart can copy your keys, provided they are the old-fashioned kinds with metal bars which need to be cut into particular teeth. They can do this quickly and easily as well, with self-service machines that take five minutes or less on most occasions. You will not be able to copy any chip keys, however.

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