Does Target Accept EBT in 2022?

The EBT program means that certain recipients receive a card similar to a credit card so they can pay their benefits directly to sellers. Those who have a card like this might be worried: does Target accept these cards?

The good news is Target does accept EBT nationally across all of its stores. However, what must be kept in mind is that certain items will not be eligible to buy with an EBT card.

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This begs the question: what can I and what can’t I buy with an EBT card at Target? Well, we’ve got a nice list of can’s and cant’s for you down below:

What Can I Buy with An EBT Card at Target?

Generally, what you can buy with an EBT card at Target is most foods and drinks which fall under the guidelines of being ‘necessary’. This mostly consists of food and (Non-alcoholic) drinks. A simple little list of what you can buy is:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Fruits and veg
  • Baby food/ formula
  • Meat of all descriptions – poultry and fish included
  • Dairy products such as milk or cheese
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Foods of other categories such as snack food
  • Plants and other seeds which have the potential to be or produce food for your family

Luckily, that is most food that a household will need, and even some fast-food places may accept EBT as well, such as Subway.

What Can I Not Buy with An EBT Card At Target?

The simplest answer overall is anything that has been judged as unnecessary. You can even be fined for buying things such as tobacco products, tattoos or body modifications, vacations and adult content. At Target, your selection is restricted to food only, which means that:

  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Paper products 
  • Hygiene items 
  • Pet food
  • Cosmetics

Are all not allowed at Target. However, even your food selection has its limitations as well, including:

  • Alcoholic drinks, such as beer or wine
  • Live animals except for shellfish, or an animal that was live when you bought but will be dead by the time you pick it up from the store
  • Food which is hot when sold.

So, when buying things from Target, you might want to stick to simple foods which are guaranteed to be allowed. If in doubt, ask yourself if it could reasonably be looked upon and judged as ‘unnecessary’ by an authority.

Does EBT Work Online at Target?

Unfortunately, you are not able to use your EBT card online on Target’s website or on its app. This means to use it; you need to be in person in the store. Luckily, Target has nearly 2000 stores across the entire country so doing so hopefully won’t be too bad.


Yes, Target does take EBT cards, but only on certain items. These items are generally what can be considered ‘necessary’ food, with hot food and alcohol being exceptions to these rules. Cleaning products and pet food are also exempt from these rules, and you’re not able to use the card online, however, with nearly 2000 stores across the country, there should be one close enough to you to get to.

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