101 Things to Do When You’re Bored | Kids Edition

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Nothing makes me crazier than listening to my kids complain about a lack of things to do. So a few years ago, I came up with my own version of the boredom jar. I initially had an actual jar with slips of paper, but it didn’t work for my kids because they kept losing or destroying the little slips of paper.

So we have moved to a laminated list that I hang up on their bulletin board.

However, there are tons of options to do the same basic thing. You can do popsicle sticks in a jar, pieces of paper, little stock cards, you could color code the cards for indoor and outdoor activities, you could make two separate jars, the possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for the Ultimate Guide to Surviving Summer, please check out my other blog post. 

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Things to Do When You’re Bored for Kids — Inside

  1. Activity Sheets. There are tons you can find on Pinterest and print out.
  2. Board games
  3. Craft
  4. Puzzles
  5. Ride your Bike
  6. Bake
  7. Build with Legos
  8. Build a Fort with blankets + pillows
  9. Make up your own play to perform
  10. Dance Party
  11. BINGO. You can make your own bingo cards and use little pieces of paper to draw from.
  12. Cards (Old Maid, Go Fish, Solitaire)
  13. Paper Mache
  14. Make Playdough. Simply add 1 part conditioner to 2 parts of cornstarch. Add food coloring if you want. Good for hours of fun!
  15. Make your own slime
  16. Make a friendship bracelet
  17. Finger Knit
  18. Camp out in the living room
  19. Make your own puppets
  20. Put on a puppet show
  21. Make your own stuffed animal using socks, ribbon, + yarn
  22. Brain games + brain teasers
  23. Video call relatives
  24. Magic show– learn magic tricks
  25. Origami
  26. Make your own story/ book with illustrations
  27. Make your own newspaper
  28. Still life photography using phone or tablet
  29. Memorize all 50 states
  30. Play Name that Tune
  31. What am I thinking of? Use clues to guess movie, tv show, movie character. You can play this with almost anything, colors, numbers, places, etc.
  32. Make paper dolls
  33. Charades
  34. Paper airplanes
  35. Make a robot from odds and ends
  36. Make your own ice cream. 
  37. Make masks from paper plates
  38. Science experiments
  39. Draw a comic
  40. Finger painting
  41. Q-tip painting: Use a q-tip as your brush and paint away!
  42. Make a movie with phone/tablet
  43. Paper rock scissors
  44. Tell ghost stories
  45. Make something out of leftover cardboard boxes + odds and ends
  46. Play salon/ barber shop
  47. Decorate t-shirts w/ puffy or glitter paint + fabric markers
  48. Flashlight tag
  49. Memory Game. You go around in a circle saying a word (it can be categories) and then the next person says their word and then adds their own to it, you keep going around and around until someone misses the word or gets it wrong.
  50. Face Paint
  51. Draw silhouette with flashlight and tracing paper 
  52. Tic Tac Toe
  53. Musical chairs
  54. Hot potato
  55. Salt Dough Ornaments + figurines. All you need is 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of warm water. Mix it all together and boom– dough. We use this every year to make Christmas ornaments, but you can make anything ya like. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, you bake it at 250 degrees F, until it’s dry (usually an hour- 2 hours depending_, then we paint it. Simple and fun!
  56. Make a paper chain
  57. Play Freeze Dance. You have one person run the music. Everyone dances and one person stops and starts the music. When the music’s on everyone dances when it stops everyone freezes. Whoever doesn’t freeze quickly enough is out.

Things to Do When You’re Bored for Kids — Outside

  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Play with Sidewalk chalk
  3. Campout in the backyard
  4. Slip-n-slide
  5. Splay in the sprinklers
  6. Go to the pool
  7. Play at a friends house
  8. Bubbles
  9. Basketball- Soccer- Catch
  10. Ride your bike
  11. Rollerblade
  12. Ride Scooter
  13. Play 4-square
  14. Hoola Hoop
  15. Tag
  16. Red Rover
  17. Foot race
  18. Make your own obstacle course
  19. Relay races
  20. Potato sack race
  21. Go for a walk
  22. Simon says.  A game where one person is “Simon” they call out instructions. If they say “Simon says” before it the other players can complete the action, if the caller doesn’t say “Simon says” and the other players proceed with the action, they are out.
  23. Mother May I. You have one person designated as “mother”. S/he will stand about 30 feet away from the line of other players. The other players will take turns asking “mother” if they can take X many steps forward. Mother may say yes or no. The point of the game is to get to mother. If a person forgets to say, “mother may I” before they ask for their number of steps, they have to go back to the start.
  24. Scavenger Hunt
  25. Frisbee
  26. Have a picnic
  27. Jump rope
  28. Make/Fly a kite
  29. Treasuer Hunt
  30. DIY Birdfeeder.  You take a toilet paper roll, add peanut butter Peanut Butter and then roll it in birdseed. Simple and easy! Bonus, you can hang it outside a window and bird watch!
  31. Collect rocks and paint them
  32. Nature scavenger hunt
  33. Water balloon fight
  34. Squirt gun fight
  35. Broom hockey
  36. Kiddie pool fun
  37. Pick flowers
  38. Egg Drop
  39. Leaf Rubbings. You collect a series of leaves. You put a piece of paper over the leaf, take a crayon or pencil and rub over the paper where the leaf is sitting under it. You end up with some really cool pictures!
  40. Flag football
  41. Climb a tree
  42. Yoga
  43. Make a time capsule
  44. Look for Ladybugs+ butterflies + caterpillars

I hope you’ve enjoyed these. If you have any go to games or ideas that your kids love, please comment with them below!

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