16 Free or Cheap Places for a Birthday Party that Your Kids Will Love

Birthdays only come once a year, so it’s essential to make sure that your child’s special day is memorable! However, there’s no need to worry if you’re on a tight budget! We’ve got some great ideas for free and cheap kids’ birthday party places that will be perfect for your budget. Keep reading to learn more!

Free or Cheap Places For a Birthday Party

When you have a large family, making sure everyone has a wonderful birthday party while staying within your budget can be challenging. Luckily, quite a few birthday party locations allow you to have a super fun birthday for very little to no cost! Read on for some great ideas.

Birthday Party at Home

Having a birthday party at your own home is the perfect place for throwing a fabulous birthday bash to save money. You can decorate your home with streamers, balloons, and other festive decorations. You can also cook up some delicious food for your party guests. Plus, you won’t have to worry about paying for a venue rental!

For bonus points and to be an impressive party host, you could organize special events for the party like themed games, a dance floor, or even nerf wars for the more rowdy kids. Don’t forget to sing happy birthday around the sweet table at the end of the party!

Park Birthday Party

You can also have a fantastic birthday party at a local park in your area. This is a fun way to have a larger party if you have a lot of guests, as most parks have plenty of space. This is the perfect location for a party because it’s free to host your party at a park! The birthday kid and their friends will have fun playing on the playground equipment, and you can bring some games and activities for your guests to enjoy.

Picnic Birthday Party

Another great birthday party idea is to have a picnic! This is perfect for a summer birthday party. You can pack your child’s favorite food and drinks and head to your local park or beach. Just be sure to pack enough for all of your guests, or you can even do a potluck!

Birthday Party at the Library

If you’re looking for a fun and educational birthday party place, consider hosting your child’s birthday party at the local library. Libraries offer a variety of activities for children, such as storytime, crafts, and games. This is an excellent option for children, especially young kids who are interested in reading and love spending time in the library!

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Indoor Playground Birthday Party

When a park isn’t an option due to a rainy day, an indoor playground is another great option. It is the perfect birthday party spot for your next birthday party because it has plenty of space for kids of all ages to have the full run of the facility and it’s tons of fun!

Many indoor playgrounds offer a variety of fun activities for kids to play on, such as slides, climbing structures, and more. This is the perfect place to have a birthday party if you’re looking for something that’s both fun and affordable.

If you end up having a bit more room in your budget, many indoor play centers offer good deals on birthday packages. You could even rent a private party room for the birthday boy or girl and their party guests can enjoy birthday cake, ice cream, and party favors.

Birthday Party at a Local Church

When planning your next child’s birthday celebration, you may want to look into a local church. You can throw a really great kid’s birthday party at a church as there is plenty of room to have games, activities, and a cake.

Churches also have volunteers who are more than happy to help with setting up and cleaning up your party. This is definitely a great option for those on a tight budget.

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    Birthday Parties at Community Centers

    You can also have a cheap birthday party at a local community center or recreation center. Most community centers have a little gym for kids to run around in, board games, computers, and even pool tables which would also make it a great place for a party of older kids.

    You can usually rent a room at the community center for a small fee, and they will often have a kitchen that you can use to make your own food or bring in store-bought food for guests.

    Children's water park spray splash pad looking to turning wheel in the sunshine and water spray.

    Splash Pad or Sprayground Birthday Party

    Having your next party at the neighborhood public splash pad would be so much fun for the entire family! Not only is it a great place to cool off on a hot day, but kids can also play in the water, on the play structure, and run around.

    You can pack a lunch for a break and the picnic tables and have a great time spending the day at the splash pad!

    Trampoline Park Birthday Party Packages

    If you are needing a last-minute idea for your child’s birthday party, a trampoline park will provide a unique experience with lots of open space. Everyone on the guest list will have the best time at the trampoline park as there are many good options for endless hours of fun.

    You kid will have a blast pretending to be a ninja warrior while they climb through the many obstacle courses and jump into the foam pit. While this option may not be the cheapest on the list, it is great for last-minute party planning.

    pistol, automatic, for laser tag, equipment

    Laser Tag

    Kids can have a great party at a place that offers laser tag! This is a great activity for all ages and can usually accommodate large groups. It’s a great way to get everyone moving and have a ton of fun running around. This is a great option for an active party that will be sure to tire out the birthday kid and all their little guests!

    Scavenger Hunt

    Host a fun scavenger hunt party in your own neighborhood or a park nearby. This is one of the best birthday party ideas because it is very cheap and convenient. You can check the dollar bins at your local store to find some goodies to hide for the kids to find.

    Be sure to have a list of items for the kids to find so that everyone can join in on the fun!

    Ice Skating

    If you have kids with a winter birthday or if you live in a cold climate, ice skating could be one of the best places for the entire party to have a good time! Ice skating birthday parties are very affordable as most places offer public skating for a nominal fee. This is definitely a fun winter birthday party idea!

    Birthday Party at The Local Zoo

    This is one of the best ways to throw a birthday bash for animal lovers without spending a small fortune! Most zoos have areas that are specifically for birthday parties with private picnic areas and special activities for the guests of honor.

    You can often bring in your own food or purchase food from the zoo. This is a great birthday party idea for kids who love animals! The best part? The zoo is public so there’s no rental fee required! You can just purchase admission tickets and have fun!

    Happy young children, boy and girl, relaxing on the side of a swimming pool wearing blue and pink goggles and snorkel

    Swimming Pool Party

    If your child has a summer birthday or you live in a warm climate, having a pool party at a public pool would be a great affordable option for a birthday party! Most pools have birthday party packages that include admission for the guests, a private area for the party, and often some food and drink tickets.

    However, if you do not have room in your budget for a package, you can just invite some friends to come and swim. This is a great way to beat the heat on a hot day and keep everyone entertained. Don’t forget the snacks and cake!

    Bowling Alley Party

    Bowling alleys offer great birthday party packages for all ages! Most bowling alleys have lanes that are specifically for kids with smaller balls and bumpers. This is a great way to keep the little ones safe while they bowl. You can often find birthday party packages that include food, games, and shoe rentals. This is a great option for an affordable birthday party that will be sure to please everyone on the guest list!

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      Mini Golf Party

      Mini golf is a great place for a birthday party because it is affordable and can accommodate a large number of guests. Most mini golf places have special birthday party packages that include admission, a private area for the party, food and drink tickets, and sometimes games and prizes.

      This is a great option for an outdoor birthday party on a nice day! Of course, you don’t need to splurge on a package to have a great party at a mini-golf park though, just come and play with friends!

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      Birthday Parties Can Be Incredibly Fun on a Budget

      Birthday parties don’t have to be expensive. These cheap birthday party places are perfect for your budget and will help you throw a memorable event without breaking the bank. We hope these ideas give you some inspiration on where to host your next celebration, whether it’s indoors or out!

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