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How to Automate Your Finances

Automating your finances is a great way to kickstart your financial success. By eliminating a portion of the human component you are also giving yourself less opportunities to veer off your financial path. When you automate your money you are ensuring that each month your savings goals are being met and your bills are being

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Simple Dave Ramsey Tips You Need to Manage Your Money

Chances are if you’ve been in the world of personal finance for any time at all, you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey.  Dave has made a career of offering easy to follow no nonsense advice to get your financial life on track. Whether you are looking to dig yourself out of debt, learn how to make

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The 6 Budget Categories You Need for Your Simple Budget

Budgeting is the first step to meeting your financial goals. And whatever your financial situation, having a plan for your money is essential. But that doesn’t mean that your budget needs to be complicated. You can make creating a budget downright simple! After multiple months of blowing it with traditional line-item budgeting, I gave myself

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50/30/20 Budget | The Budget for People Who Suck with Money

If you are new to budgeting, it can feel overwhelming coming up with a plan and making decisions about where your money needs to go. If this is not your first budgeting rodeo– perhaps you are still struggling with finding the right budgeting method that works for you! Are you looking for a simpler approach

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How to Take Charge of Your Money with a Zero Based Budget

Get off the money struggle bus! Check out, what in my opinion, is one of the most effective budgeting methods around– zero based budgeting. Budgeting was a word I heard quite a bit when I was growing up, but less about the how’s and the why’s. When I left home and suddenly was responsible for

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How to Use Cash Envelopes to Stop Your Budgeting Money Leaks

The Cash Envelope System is not new, it’s been around the block–a few times. Why is it still hanging around after all this time, you ask? Well, because it works. I know in this digital age people tend to crinkle their nose at the prospect of carrying cash. BUT if you are a regular, card-carrying member of