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How to Stick to Your Budget | The Easy Way

Sticking to a budget is about as fun as sticking to a diet. Amiright?! #nojudgements With that being said, you’re here because you know that something has to give and in order to succeed with your money you need to give this whole budget thing your full attention and that doesn’t just mean writing it,

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The 6 Budget Categories You Need for Your Simple Budget

Budgeting is the first step to meeting your financial goals. And whatever your financial situation, having a plan for your money is essential. But that doesn’t mean that your budget needs to be complicated. You can make creating a budget downright simple! After multiple months of blowing it with traditional line-item budgeting, I gave myself

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How to Take Charge of Your Money with a Zero Based Budget

Get off the money struggle bus! Check out, what in my opinion, is one of the most effective budgeting methods around– zero based budgeting. Budgeting was a word I heard quite a bit when I was growing up, but less about the how’s and the why’s. When I left home and suddenly was responsible for

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How to Use Cash Envelopes to Stop Your Budgeting Money Leaks

The Cash Envelope System is not new, it’s been around the block–a few times. Why is it still hanging around after all this time, you ask? Well, because it works. I know in this digital age people tend to crinkle their nose at the prospect of carrying cash. BUT if you are a regular, card-carrying member of

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11 Simple Tips You Need to Stop Spending Money

How to Fight the Urge to Spend Money Are you struggling with how to stop spending money and take control of your finances? Are you often left with a whole lot of month and not enough paycheck? You struggle with cultivating better money habits?  If any of this sounds familiar, check out these simple, easy

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Sinking Funds | What is a Sinking Fund and Why Do I Need Them

Are you a sinking fund beginner? Do you find yourself wondering things like, What is a sinking fund? Are there different sinking fund categories? Then this article is for you! There seems to be some confusion around what a sinking fund is and isn’t, as well as why they are so important. What if I